I want EVERY bride to feel absolutely beautiful on their wedding day!

The day that I married my dream guy at my dream wedding in March 2013, everything -- from my decor, to my custom made hand beaded gown -- was perfect. Just like I'd spent the previous year and a half planning and dreaming about.

On that beautiful morning, I was surrounded by my loving family and all my dreams had become a reality!

My wedding day was one of THE BEST days of my life and it was then that decided I would help other brides have their perfect days.

You can definitely have the wedding of your dreams where all the pieces fit together in the most unique, beautiful and magical way. One where you feel all the love you have ever felt - but you have to build the perfect team of Bridal pros who know how to make your wedding day vision a reality.

My business is helping A bride's dream come true...

Now, imagine not having to do ANYTHING on your wedding day, but sit back and relax…

 You would have your hair styled and your makeup applied in the comfort of your hotel suite or your own home…

Your bridal party will be taken care of…

The moms and special attendants, all your loved ones would look their best and be red carpet ready on the most important day of your life! 

Best of all you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing!

Photos before and after your ceremony would capture you, your family and friends in a range of joyful moments.To keep it all together, you will have the assistance of your own PERSONAL STYLIST, who would work with your photographer to perfect the details of your photos.

Is your veil straight?

Is your new husbands tie or bow tie straight?

Is your diamond bracelet visible in the shot?


These are the things we would watch for and diligently maintain to ensure beautiful photos and keep you feeling relaxed and at ease.


Do the bridesmaid’s dresses need to be tied so they all look beautiful and uniformed?

Does your dress need to be bustled while your bridesmaid’s enjoy cocktail hour?

Don’t make them work! Let them enjoy the day too like you want them to. We can handle it!


After the ceremony, you are likely to have kissed off some of your lipstick and maybe cried a few tears, but you will definitely want to look perfect before you enter the reception. So, after a special moment with your new husband, we will meet you again to adjust a few things:


We can take your veil out or add another adornment

Your hair can go from up to down or vice versa

Want to change your makeup slightly for the reception?

Need help to change into that second dress?

Or putting on accessories?


In just 10 minutes we can take you to that next level!


Having Mari Makeup Artistry as your personal stylist team is icing on the cake of your perfect wedding day. We take care of every beauty detail from the first curl to the last photo.

If this sounds like the experience that you want for your wedding day, I invite you to click the button below to submit your Bridal profile so that I can start getting to know you and your vision!

It is best to fill out the form on a desktop or laptop computer, and please take the time to fully respond to each question and be as descriptive as possible. The more you can tell me about your wedding, the better.

If I find that we're a good fit, I'll create a custom bridal package that would work best for you, your family and friends. We'll also set up a call so that I can walk through the details with you.  

I hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you soon!