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Scheduling Timeline for your Wedding Beauty Routine with free checklist

So, You’ve mapped out to a ‘tee’ with your planner, your beautiful wedding fantasy. The photographer has been booked and you want to make sure your skin is ready for your close up! Whether you are keeping it simple in the makeup department or departing from the ordinary and going full Beyoncé, in this blog post I give you a guide to execute the perfect wedding day beauty plan for your wedding along with a FREE downloadable checklist!

Did you know some Bridal Makeup Artists are booked up sometimes a year in advance?

Shocking right? Or maybe not so much… The wedding industry is big business with a revolving door of daily customers. I mean… people get married every day right? The really good exclusively Bridal makeup artists are fully booked during peak wedding season doing sometimes 2-3 weddings each weekend. So, it’s really important that you start looking for you Artist up to a year in advance of your wedding date, and have one chosen and booked six months out. In another blog post I will go over just how you choose your Bridal MUA, but for now if you haven’t started looking yet, get on Facebook and Instagram and stalk those profiles! Now let’s get into the plan.

Stress Prevention (6 Months out)

Let’s face it – planning a wedding is stressful! It’s important to keep your immune system running the way it should, and keep your stress levels down. I recommend a good probiotic, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and a great methylated multivitamin (make sure it doesn’t have too much biotin and B12 or algae/seaweed if you’re acne prone, but you do need your B Vitamins – especially when stressed). You may also want to try fish oil or flax seed oil for inflammation and overall health. Stress also causes wrinkles to face and wreaks havoc on the skin. We do ot want stressed skin on your wedding day so whoo sa, drink your water and mind your business. NO STRESS!

Brows (2-3 months out)

If you are not someone who pays particular attention to their brows find an aesthetician who can whip them into shape! I also know some hairdressers and barbers for that matter, who are extremely versed in the art of creating the good arch (ain’t talking bout yuh back)! A GREAT looking brow is part of the foundation of a well executed makeup application… the brows are important hunny!

Facials (3 months out)

The experts at Brides.com recommend that you visit an aesthetician for regular facials prior to your nuptials, sometimes as early as 9 months prior to the big day. Flawless skin should probably be a big priority on your wedding day and some corrective treatments take time to work. If you are lucky enough to have great skin (how does it feel to be God’s favourite??), you may want to keep it that way leading up to your wedding. Drink your water and mind your business yes, but you will need the help of an aesthetician to keep your skin in tio top shape. Don’t go overboard on your treatments and talk with an aesthetician about your needs, make sure they understand your healthy skin goals!

I recommend I recommend doing your last facial at least a week prior, in case there is any redness (especially if you have acne or blackheads that need to be extracted). Microdermabrasion is an option as well, but that’s one I would do several weeks before the wedding to give your skin time to heal (just in case you’re sensitive).

Makeup Trial (2 months out)

Put together what you’d like your makeup to look like on the big day. Create a Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration for your makeup artist. If you’re an advanced makeup user, you probably know which colors and formulas work best for your skin tone and skin type. Don’t leave it up to chance – start creating a bag with products that you KNOW work for you, and discuss with your makeup artist. But do trust their judgment – they may have something that will work better, and remember – they do this for a living! Another tip – less is more – if you’re not normally someone who wears a lot of makeup, now is not the time to try a full-on, drag-level amount of makeup. Let your makeup artist guide you.

Eyelash Extensions (1-2 months out)

I always recommend to my brides that they get a set of eyelas extensions done for their big day. Extensions have more longevity than a strip eyelash application and can be done in advance of the day, reducing makeup application time and ensuring no mascara run when tearing up gong down the aisle. If you’re not a regular eyelash extension wearer, you get your first set about a month before the wedding so you can get used to them. Some people hate the way they feel, and if that’s you, you’ll need to know BEFORE you’re headed to your wedding venue.. You’ll want to avoid any cleansers or makeup removers with oil, or the lashes will fall out, and don’t rub, and try not to sleep on your face!

Week of Wedding Beauty Plan

Now’s the time to do the last minute beauty treatments – like nails, brow and bikini waxes, facials, and lash extensions. Hopefully you had time to experiment with these treatments in the months prior, and now you’re ready for the last ones leading up to the wedding. You’ll want to do most of these as close to the ceremony as you can. This week will be busy!

Nails (1-3 days out)

Get those nails done as close to the wedding date as you can, so there are no chips or tears, and so your cuticles will look nice in those close-up ring photos! Don’t try acrylics if you’ve never worn them before or you may be allergic. Now’s not the time to test out new things. Gels are a good choice because they will last about two weeks or more, just add a fresh coat of your favourite polish and voila! Honeymoon nails! With Gel there’s no chance of smudges since they are dry and set before you leave the salon.

Waxing (2-3 days out)

Get that done a few days before the wedding if you can. You don’t want to be red or irritated, so give your skin some time to cool down.

Facial (3-7 days out)

Get a facial the week of the wedding, but not the day before.

Eyelash Extensions (1-3 days out)

Get a new set as close to the wedding day as possible for maximum va va va voom!

Skincare (day of wedding)

Don’t use any new skincare products (for face or body) right before the wedding. Stick to what you know, so you don’t get any skin irritation or breakouts. I’ll detail just what your Makeup Artist needs you to do to prepare in another post.

Starting (or revamping) a wedding beauty regimen is a great way to practice some self-care, giving you the opportunity to de-stress ahead of your nuptials. And of course, each step will aid you in perfecting your wedding-day look, because who doesn't want to look their best on their big day? Wedding photos last forever!!

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